Who is the Asian Sarcastic?

A British Asian 20-something year old who wants to use their brain a bit more.

As the Asian Sarcastic, I’ll be sharing regular thoughts on

  • awesome BAME books you need to read – because hello, our local bookstore is not diverse enough
  • mental health issues
  • social commentary
  • faith
  • a lot more rambling
  • challenges of being human (it’s a thing)
  • food because it is important. Very.

I suppose it’s helpful to point out that sarcasm will be drenched/mildly applied to the written content. Perks of being sarcasian*.

What’s not to love? We hope to share with you a healthy space that celebrates the diversity of life and how to nourish yourself in it.

*Inserts cool voice over*

The Asian Sarcastic: sarcasian and proud. 

Gif via buzzfeed and amuserr