dear You – please stand up for yourself πŸŒ™

Stop it. This is getting ridiculous and frankly, very unhealthy.

Stop letting them walk all over you.

My dear, why do you not value yourself?

stand up for yourself.Β 


You’re killing yourself.

Let me tell you how this goes. When I proclaim for you to stand up for yourself, I want you to do more than just than to say ‘enough’.

No, I want you to go the extra mile here.

I want you to tell them to fuck off.

No, seriously.

Tell them to fuck off.Β 

Yes, that’s what I said.

where am i

unsplash-logoEutah Mizushima


You don’t need to be so afraid of what they’ll think.

Seriously, when did you predicate the opinions of others before your own? Your voice always mattered and it was the only thing that counted.

So who convinced you otherwise?

Because let me tell you something;

do you have any idea what happens when you start apologising for yourself?

“I hope that’s okay. Sorry!”

You’re destroying You before others could.

You’re setting yourself on fire.

It hurts.Β Stop it.

The constant apologies you’re spouting for possessing an opinion, for trusting your instincts and for making your own choices are the catalysts for real-life toxic beings to take your soul. You’ve given permission for the monsters to stomp on your emotions, to tear apart the seams of your heart, to exhale despair and disdain towards you, all so they can mould this back to you in their own form of a piece of shit.

I’m not making any sense?

Good, because I’m struggling to understand why you’re continuing to care about what others think.

Next time when you’re lying in bed at 9.58pm on a Sunday night, with the sinking heaviness that you’re somehow two ‘what’s happening with me’ from an emotional breakdown, ask yourself why the in the hell you haven’t given yourself permission to live without metrics and to bloody stand up for yourself.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

For goodness sake, bring You back from purgatory.

You are enough.

You never have and never will need anyone’s permission to make your choices.*



*If in doubt, refer to sentence 1 of this letter.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DiptiB says:

    Well written and full of impact. Thank you for reminding me that I matter. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you’re most welcome! ❀


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